Boris the Robot – World Book Day Ideas and Special Offer

14 February 2019

To celebrate World Book Day we have some great ideas to help you bring the story of Boris the Robot to life. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also have an amazing offer on the Boris the Robot book – 20 books for £80! Email to order yours.


All Ages:

Boris book assembly

Use the Boris powerpoint slides to read the story of Boris the Robot. You can even book one of the HeartSmart team to bring Boris and tell the story for you (available in selected areas only).


Make a robot friend for Boris

Use cardboard boxes, junk modelling and recycled bits and bobs to make a robot friend for Boris. Take a picture and send it to us for our Pinterest gallery. Don’t forget to include a heart!



Hide and seek Boris.

Hide a picture of Boris in your outdoor area. Just like Amber and Josh have to look for Boris in the story, can you find him? 


Dress up as Boris

Use cardboard boxes to turn yourself into a robot like Boris!


Drama retelling

Read the story and have the children act it out. Pause at different points in the story and encourage the children to focus on how the characters might feel.


Film a message for Boris to cheer him up

If you could meet Boris on his way to the scrapyard what would you say to cheer him up? Maybe you could tell him your favourite joke or send him a message of encouragement? Film your joke or message and tweet or email to us and we will show it to Boris!


Freeze frame 

In groups of 3, select one child to be Boris and the others be themselves. Freeze the story at various points and ask the child acting as Boris to demonstrate how Boris would be feeling and ask the other children what they would like to say to Boris here.


Art work hearts 

How do you think Boris’ heart feels at the end of the story? What do you think it is full of? Design a heart using paint, pastels or crayons to reflect how Boris’ heart feels when he has returned home.


Draw your favourite character

Who is your favourite HeartSmart character? Draw or paint a picture of them.


Wanted poster

Can you design a ‘Wanted’ poster for the Scrapman? What would he be wanted for?


Create a map of where Boris goes in the story

Draw a map to show Boris’ journey in the story. He starts off in the Scrapyard but where does he go next? Where does he go with Amber and Josh? Include all the places he visits in the book.



Retell the story using lego and film

Use lego to recreate and film the story of Boris. You could split the class into small groups so each group can film a different part. 


Newspaper report to retell story

How would you report Boris going missing and being re-united with Amber and Josh? What would the headline be? What picture would you include?


Prepare a Boris assembly 

Prepare an assembly retelling the story of Boris to showcase to the rest of the school at the end of the day. 


Write a sequel to Boris the Robot

Boris the Robot is based on the HeartSmart principle, ‘Don’t Forget to Let Love In!’. What could happen in the next book? What could a book based on ‘Too Much Selfie isn’t Healthy!’ be about? Have a go and send us your ideas – we’d love to see them!


Electric circuit robot

Make an electric circuit to light up Boris’ heart. 


Write play script for the book

Can you turn the Boris the Robot book into a play? Write it as a play script and act it out.


Design a board game based on the book

Design and make a Boris the Robot board game based on the story. It could map out Boris’ journey; it could be a game to fill up Boris’ heart; it could be an escape from the Scrapyard! The choice is yours!


Don’t forget to order your books – 20 books for £80. Email to place an order.