Change is the only constant

03 August 2018

A huge HeartSmart update!


Do you remember Blockbuster, Kodak, Woolworths? How about C&A? All of these were much loved companies that didn’t quite keep pace with the times. Their stories support the old adage that change is the only constant. We’ve had a little change here at HeartSmart, in fact we think it’s a big deal. We’ve completely revamped the way we deliver our content. We’ve shifted it from a one-off download to an interactive, online learning platform and now have the means to update and distribute new content with ease. Talking of new content, here’s what we’ve been busy with:


  • doubling our lesson content
  • piloting and creating over 40 early years lessons
  • creating learning objectives, assessments for learning and updating cross referencing for all lesson material
  • making staff training accessible online
  • filming Heartfullness classroom active and meditative breaks
  • there’s also HeartSmart Creative parental engagement and Boris the Robot books that you might not have seen yet!


You’ll find all of this and more when you log in and there’s more content coming too – we’ll let you know when it’s available. You’ll notice we’re also shifting payment to a subscription model which enables us to keep creating and updating the content as necessary because as we know, change is here to stay!

We’re really keen to journey alongside you in the development of character and resilience within your school. We think what you do is amazing and our heart is to be more relational than transactional. Please do get in touch with any questions that you’ve got or perhaps to tell us things that are going well. We’re really good at listening, in fact this update is the fruit of many conversations. Hope you enjoy…


We’re cheering you on,