You can engage with HEARTSMART in a whole host of ways. The first step is to buy the resource for your school and as you’ll see there’s a few versions to choose from. We also offer training sessions, tools to engage the parents, Church School Booster Pack material and a few other bits and bobs. Do have a peruse and if you’ve got any questions please get in touch. Our heart is to equip you as best we can so if you think something is missing, let us know and we’ll see what we can do…


For Schools

This is the standard, although there’s nothing standard about it. It’s dynamite, but in a good way! It contains everything you need to get going along with instruction. we’ll also happily have a chat with your PSHE lead to help get you started and we’ll even send you a couple of free Boris posters in the post.

For Church Schools

The Enhanced CofE and Catholic edition is everything that you’ll find in the standard version but it also contains Bible verses, prayers and cross referencing with SIAMS core question and Catholic Denominational questions. We’ll also happily have a chat with your PSHE lead to help get you started and we’ll even send you a couple of free Boris posters in the post.

For Scottish Schools

The Scottish Schools Edition is everything that you’ll find in the standard version but has been adapted to best resource Scottish schools in delivering the Health and Wellbeing curriculum and supporting the Wellbeing Indicators within Getting it Right for Every Child. Every lesson is cross referenced with the HWB experiences and outcomes. We’ll also happily have a chat with your school lead to help get you started and we’ll even send you a couple of free Boris posters in the post.

Launch Assembly

There’s no better way to launch HEARTSMART in your school than with a visit from Boris the Robot! This 30 minute assembly will feature audible insights from Boris the Robot and introduce some key concepts from HEARTSMART.
(Currently only available in schools which are a 50 mile radius from Manchester and Guildford. Please contact the office for further details)

Onsite Training

The HEARTSMART team offer enrichment days and staff training sessions, including Twilight or half day INSETs. In the training we look at how to best embed HEARTSMART within the school culture as well as equipping in areas such as, growth mindset, emotional intelligence and maintaining connection in the classroom. This helps to ensure that everyone is on board and invests in staff wellbeing.

Additional Resources


This is a parental engagement resource using homework style activities as a device to engage and involve parents. For more details click here.

HEARTSMART Church School Booster Pack

There’s 12 whole school assemblies contained in the HEARTSMART resource but we thought we’d create a few more for you. Containing films, slides and delivery notes these assemblies will help you to deliver a moment the children won’t forget. Release date: Coming soon!


This brings a HEARTSMART boost to every classroom or across a whole school if used as incentives. The bundle contains 30 HEARTSMART silicone wristbands, 60 stickers and 15 High Five flyers. Postage is included in the price.

Boris Posters

Having visual reminders of the HEARTSMART High Five within the classrooms and corridors is a simple yet effective way to embed the values within your school. We give you two of these high quality posters when you order a resource but if you’d like a few more order them here in packs of five.

Boris the Robot Book

A beautifully illustrated book that tells the story of Boris the Robot in carefully crafted sentences and rhyming couplets. It captures the children’s hearts whilst bringing the Heartsmart principles to life. It’s full colour throughout all 40 pages and is 25cmx25cm.

Order HEARTSMART Resources

Description Unit Cost (ex VAT) Quantity
HEARTSMART for Schools † £395.00
HEARTSMART for Church Schools † £395.00
HEARTSMART for Scottish Schools † £395.00
HEARTSMART Creative £120.00
HEARTSMART Church School Booster Pack £50.00
Must-have-Merchandise (bundle pack including postage) £16.00
Boris Posters (pack of 5, including postage) £12.00
Boris the Robot Book (excluding postage) †† £6.00
Launch Assembly (excluding travel costs) £70.00
Twilight Training (excluding travel costs) £325.00
Half day INSET Training (excluding travel costs) £425.00
Enrichment day (excluding travel costs) £425.00

† If you're part of a small school (120 pupils or less) we'd love to offer you a 25% reduction on the HEARTSMART resource. Please mention this in the comments section and we’ll verify with you before invoicing.


†† Our desire is to get these into children’s homes so we offer an incredible discount if you order over 25. Please contact us for more details. Click here


What happens once you’ve placed your order?

We’ll be in touch shortly to provide you with access to the materials and to send you an invoice.