Relationships Education and HeartSmart

27 February 2019

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‘Relationships are the forgotten foundation of mental health and wellbeing’ 
– Mental Health Foundation 



Evidence shows that being socially connected affects more than just our mental health, it affects our physical health and even our life expectancy too. Much of what is learned in school isn’t intentionally taught. Essential lessons are learnt as children play and work alongside others who don’t have the same shared values or experience. Helping children build healthy relationships with others can only be a good thing and learning how to get along with people who are different from themselves is much needed in today’s society.


This week the government published guidance for Relationship and Sex Education and all of us at HeartSmart are delighted with this move to prioritise the teaching of Relationships and Health within primary schools.


We’re pleased to see that the guidance doesn’t instruct schools in telling children what to think. It’s emphasis is not on agreement but rather on awareness and acceptance, no matter what the belief, gender or orientation. This new guidance has been seen by some as controversial and it’s unlikely that all of society (or even all of a school community) will find agreement in it, but love is a common ground that we can all build upon and the Department for Education’s guidance on Health, RE and RSE paves the way for exactly that.


HeartSmart currently resources schools for much of the Relationship Education curriculum. Any content not covered will be available on the website from July 2019, with new films available shortly after that. This will be included free for all existing subscription customers.


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