Relationships Education

03 August 2018

Every time a little person walks into a room, their heart and mind walk in too.


It sounds like an obvious statement but the historic focus of our education system on the mind has often been at the expense of the heart. Not that this is the main contributor to the mental health epidemic we face as a country but it certainly hasn’t helped. Aristotle said, ‘to educate the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’


We believe children need affirmation more than information and challenge more than assessment. So a little shift in the educational landscape towards the heart is one that we would welcome. We see this in the new proposals for Relationship and Health education that were announced just before the summer break.


‘I want to make sure that our children are able to grow up to become happy and well-rounded individuals who know how to deal with the challenges of the modern world. Part of this is making sure they are informed about how to keep themselves safe and healthy and have good relationships with others.’  Education Secretary Damian Hinds.


Dealing with challenges well is what we point ourselves towards at HeartSmart. Love of self and others is key to resilience and this alongside giving children the dignity of experiencing the consequences of their decisions, both good and bad, leads to true heart strength. This is what it means to be a powerful person, one who can embrace the challenges of the modern world and convert them into possibilities. We see HeartSmart as a tool to help do precisely this and will be positioning ourselves to deliver this compulsory curriculum with playfulness and creativity.


We’ll keep you posted here.