What is HeartSmart?

HEARTSMART is a primary school resource that builds resilience, emotional intelligence and active empathy in the hearts of children

It is a creative way of enabling children to adopt a growth mindset whilst maintaining a healthy emotional epicentre. It works on the idea that meaning comes from relationships and every child is worthy of relational connection. HEARTSMART is therefore about loving and accepting ourselves as well as loving and responding well to others.

Boris, HEARTSMART’s very own purpose-built Robot, provides a fun, interactive and dynamic way for children to explore their hearts, the very thing that makes them unique.


How Does It Work?

HEARTSMART is more than a lesson pack. It is a toolkit to shape the whole school culture and it contains an abundance of ‘off the shelf’ content for teachers to create their own bespoke lessons. Most importantly it uses five principles with sticky language that are quick to implement, easy to remember and quickly become part of a child’s internal dialogue. Here are the HEARTSMART High Five:

  1. Don’t Forget to Let Love in!
  2. Too Much Selfie isn’t Healthy!
  3. Don’t Rub it in, Rub it Out!
  4. Fake is a Mistake!
  5. ‘No Way Through’ isn’t True!

As well as these five, ‘Power ON’ is a plenary reflection tool which provides assessment for learning and reinforces the underlying philosophy of HEARTSMART which is loving ourselves ‘I’ and loving others ‘O’.